Data update not showing up in database or app

I am using the @ZeroqodeSupport , @levon plugin for encryption and am seeing that the output of the encryption is not being saved in the database. I will show the sequence.
First, here’s the field Events.Description that I am encrypting. Notice also that the archive field is set as “No”.
I run the encryption and save the output to a state RG_EVents.coded_value.
The next step in the workflow is to update the entry in the database. See the step.
But when I go check it in the database the output has not been saved.

This of course has an effect on my decryption down the road. After this point I cannot decrypt anything. It goes into a black hole.

I have refreshed the table multiple times to make sure there’s no lag. The data just doesnt get saved.

Am quite frustrated. This should be a simple implementation but I’m on my third day now. Appreciate the pointers.

Hello, dear @varun1
Thanks for reaching us.

We tested on the plugin’s demo page the ability to save the converted text to the Bubble database in two ways:

  • The first one via new action - “create a new thing”. This was our test version of saving data in the DataBase.

  • Another one, via " make changes to a thing" - reproducing your example from screenshots.

Both variants we have test are workable and keep the text in the database. Please see this video for an example of a case playback that is as close to yours as possible:

Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the problem you encountered. We hope that this video will be useful to you.

Zeroqode Team

Hi @varun1,

I mean the problem could be with non-automatically refreshing data with AppData view.

After clicking on:

you see the changes?

Petr Majtán,