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Data view does not automatically refresh after using the "new entry" button

After adding a new item into a data type from the data view, the entry does not appear until I refresh the browser.

Same for me, it takes some time, or need to refresh the page.

Yes it’s not as instantaneous as it should be. It’s on our list (but probably not the first thing to solve as the the moment).

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Thanks Emmanuel! No problem. I would definitely like to see more useful/important requests to be implemented first too.


Just adding to this thread. I’ve been working on my database entries, and instead of refreshing my browser to update the database, I realized there was a “refresh data” link at the bottom, so I tried it to no avail. I know @emmanuel says it’s not as instantaneous as one would like; however, that was in reference to the database updating after each new entry. My “bug” is related to the “refresh data” link below the database view.