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Data visible from previous value in repeating group

I m building a auction website.
I’m using repeating group to list all the auction.
Here if you click on 1 auction, then click on the next auction you will notive that for a few miliseconds, the data (mainly images) from the other auction are visible. Can that be avoided?
It happens in most of the repeating groups. (messages, biders list)

Regards Claudiu

Can you clear the images when the popup is closed? If you can do that, you shouldn’t see the images from the previous auction the next time you open the popup. Might give it a shot?

lets try :slight_smile:

any idea how i would do that? in the popup conditional tab?

i have tried to use “when a popup is closed - reset data (group - because the image is in a group)”
not working

Other suggestions? @NigelG maybe you have some input here?
Regards Claudiu

Do you have a link to the editor ?

you can check the issue on the index page

So, I swapped it over to use a Custom State instead of the Send Data Action. And it seems to have made it quicker.

If only I knew why :slight_smile:

Also not convinced the “do every 1 second” helps either.