Repeating group shows old data for a brief moment

Hi everybody,

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, here is my test site:

My site is a single page marketplace consisting a few repeating groups that hide or show depending on different criteria and selections by the user.

When I get to one particular page, the images and wording that is presented is based on the last selections I made and it takes a long second in order for the images and wording to change based on my current selections. Its very noticeable, the images are front and centre for a considerable amount of time and I wonder if there are any suggestions on how to fix it.

Here are the steps to recreate the issue:

go to

click on “Gas”
then click on $100
then click the Shell logo
then click “Pre pay now”
then click “start over”
then click “electronics”
click $250
click the Walmart logo and you will notice that the next repeating group you are shown shows you the logo from the last selection you made (Shell) for a brief moment before it switches over to the Walmart logo.

Any ideas on how to prevent this?

Clearing data or reset data in the workflow does not change this.

Thanks for any help.


Have your sorted out? I was reading another topic from 2018 where one of the users got a reply from Bubble to his bug report. They confirmed that at this moment it’s a normal behaviour and RG will show old data until the new data will be populated. Bubble have it in their UI/UX improvement list…

Not sure when this is going to be, there are a lot of of improvements pending when it comes to UI/UX.

Good morning and thank you for reaching out - I have found a work around for it yes, so it’s probably at 90/90% good…

I will look forward to the upgrades for sure and thanks again!

Hello Leslie,

This would be great if you can briefly explain and I can give you a help to make a couple of tests.

My case in described in another thread below, but I really hope that Bubble team can share their thoughts about this in general.

@leslie.nagy can you please explain how you solved it please?