Database bug - Looking for explaination

Hi all !

Here is my problem :

I have different type of objects in my app.

  • Clients
  • Object A
  • Object B.

There’s relation between the objects.
Clients have a field “Object A”, which is a list.
I have a page where you can create several objects A.

I have a workflow on the front, that schedule a backend workflow :
The backend Workflow :

  • Create Objects A number 1 → Add it to the clients “Objects A” lists
  • create Objects A number 2 → Add it to the clients “Objects A” lists
    and so one.

I have a clients that created 5 Objects A, but, here is the problem.
The Objects A number #2 wasn’t added to the clients.

I headed up to the Bubble Logs table, and the workflow appears there.
I checked 5 times, and checked that the Objects A record wasn’t added to the clients 5 times as well.
So I guess it happened and did the work (no error display on the log tab).

Is there any other way to look at what could be wrong ?
I can’t understand…

Thanks for your help

Is this the actual workflow? Or is it a recurring WF? Please share how the objects are being created in th e back-end and then linked to a user so we could see whats happening…

Thanks for the answer.
It is not a recurring workflow.

This is how the workflow works yes :

Create Object A → Add it to the clients → Create Object A #2 → Add object A#2 to the clients → Create object A#3 → add it to the clients.

And looking in log tabs, the workflow happened as expected.
So more precisely, I can see in the logs :

  • Creation of object A #2 (what did work as expected)
  • Make change to the client - Add object [unique_id_of object A #2 ] (what did not happen as expected because it did not really happened, despite I can see it in the logs).

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