Database does not apply any change

Anyone else has problems with the database?

the users that are registering in my application do not collect their data only their email addresses, I did some tests and the same thing happens to me, the boxes are blank, I tried it in another application and the same thing happens, I also try to make changes to user and nothing happens in the database, I checked in the debugger but you do not see any inconvenience.

No, almost never.

Sorry to say, but it will be you not them :slight_smile:

In these circumstances I usually swear a lot for a few minutes, then remember the privacy settings, and realise that whatever I am trying to do is being blocked by privacy.


Hi NigelG,

This could be the problem, but the application does not have privacy rules and in another application it has the same problem, it is strange because sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work, It was even tested if it had something to do with a plugin in the applications, but discarded that idea, which alternative could be?:neutral_face:.

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