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Database down, need help from bubble Extremely Urgent

All our data types work except for main data type, which isn’t displaying. Just stopped in the past hour. Trying to solve.

Some questions / suggestions:

  • Is it down in both live and test?
  • Have you made any changes to the website – specifically to your privacy rules? (Privacy rules are usually the culprit)
  • Add a RG on a test page to ensure you can pull the data to the page, to see if it’s a problem generally, or just with a specific RG. If the latter, then maybe some search constraint is blocking the data being shown.
  • Have you confirmed the data is in there by checking the data tab on the admin panel?
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Yeah all the data is in there and if we access the data through another type it is there, but it appears our company type is the one with the issues. It can’t be accessed with non-admin api call or on the normal site. We are trying to work around this by routing all companies through another data type, but I think the initial issue stemmed from bubble somewhere.