Database filtering by 3 separate filters

Hi all,

I am sorry if topic was already covered. My search did not help.

I am a little stuck with my current task. I work on a small project, fitness app.

I have my database with daily workout routines that include following fields: Exercise, Training section, Commentary, Day: 1-7, Week: 1 - n, Date: mm/dd/yyyy.

I wish that my app will show current date 6/6/2021 and filter for a workout routine mapped to that date. Tomorrow for 6/7/2021 for tomorrow etc.


I would like users to be able to go back and filter for dates in the past 1 - n days back.


I know for a fact that there are users that want to start things from the very beginning.
I would like to give them an opportunity to filter by Day/Week. To set Workouts on Week 1, Day 1 and then manually change Week and Day Field

It’s quite a lot, I know.

Any help is very much appreciated!