Database Help - Extra Data Fields for users? [Solved By dbevan]

Hello, I just got into Bubble and been going through all the tutorials, so far I’m impressed. I’m currently stuck on databases, I’ve created a registration system where a user inputs their username, email, and password and that updates onto the database, is there any way to have fields created without the user’s interaction, for example, a verified tag where only the database can be changed to create a vefied icon when the user logins in?

Many thanks.

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Yes. If I’m understanding you properly, you just need to do the following:

  1. Create a yes/no field called “verified”
  2. Set this field’s default value to “no”
  3. You can either change this field in the bubble editor’s data section OR you could create an Admin page that only you can log into.
  4. When displaying the verified icon, uncheck it’s “visible on page load” and add the following conditional. It should be “When this user’s verified is yes, this icon is visible”

Hope that helps,


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