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How to Verify users?

Hello! I am new to Bubble, and am planning on making a social media app. Is there a way to verify users? (Like on Instagram, and twitter) I was thinking of just making an account “verified” and adding a workflow so when that account follows a user, a checkmark appears next to their name. Is there an easier or faster way to do this? Thanks!

Create a Verified field in User data type of Yes/No. Put the default as No. Create a checkmark in the editor and place it next to the user and place a condition - When current user’s verified is No - This element is visible - Unchecked.

So, whenever a user’s Verified is Yes, the checkmark will show otherwise it won’t. You can then create a workflow suitable to your app to update the verified field


Hey, thanks for this… I tried this and it seems to only show the verified tick to the verified user… all others will see the standard account page, without the badge for verification.

Hey wait nevermind, I just needed to go to the privacy tab and allow all members to view it!