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How do databases work? I want to create a simple invoice system

How do i create a database the UI is not clear to me? Is this database stored in what format?

How can i create a table with childs and show that in a UX? I.e. Form and Sub Form with a table view in it.

The table will need to be editable, adding , deleting and reordering records that are related to the parent.

Thank You.

Hi @rishi1,

Welcome to Bubble!

I strongly recommend you start with the bubble tutorials. After the initial tutorials, take a look at the user manual and documentation for a deeper dive into bubble.

At the top right on the documentation, you can see Lessons, Videos, User Manual and Documentation.

Thanks for your prompt reply!

I have followed through some of the initial tutorials however I could not find anything about the database and how to set up the tables within it

I also could not find anything about listing records in a sheet view. We’re using Microsoft access database for the last 10 years and need to change ! Thanks

Hey @rishi1

No problem. I understand - bubble is a really cool platform but because it’s target user base ranges from beginner all the way to advanced programmers, the tutorials and documentation might seem pretty broad at first. Often when I find a new tool, I like to cut through the documentation to find immediate answers to my specific questions.

I don’t recommend that with bubble, however. Bubble is a powerful product, and the time invested to learn it holistically vs time to building valuable applications is so small that it’s really worth the initial (very small) learning curve.

Bubble isn’t Access, which is to say, manipulating data is going to be different between the two platforms. To get a handle on how Bubble works with data, you’ll want to have a foundational understanding of the Bubble platform as a whole. Data, workflows and the UI are all needed to manipulate data.

After you’ve finished the bubble “lessons” I recommend mulling over user manual, videos and the reference.

Please don’t feel I’m being unhelpful! I think that with your experience, once you grok the mechanics of the platform, you’ll have little difficulty building highly valuable applications rapidly and with ease.


Bubble provides you with several different options for creating a database to support your application.

You can build your input form first (via the Design view tab) , add a submit button with a workflow process that creates a new record.

Bubble will prompt you to create both a new thing (data file) and the individual fields that will accept input from you input form. I would suggest you create a simple “contact us” form as a way of becoming familiar with this approach to creating bubble database.

Another option is to access the Data view tab and create a new “thing” (data file) from scratch. Adding your desired fields. Next access Design view and build a input form with fields that mirror your database table. This is exactly opposite of the initial approach I outlined previously.

Once you get your brain wrapped around certain key bubble concepts, your design creativity will begin to flow.