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Database setup advice

So I own a screen printing and embroidery biz and i’m tinkering around with making my own software to make life a little easier. New to bubble so bare with me.

Just need some direction on setting up the database. As you can see I have your typical invoice, but from here i’d like to be able to click the add garment link to pop up the add a product image you see. In here is where I would like to search for a model number and have it populate what colors and sizes are available in this particular model number. Once I have entered in how many of each size it will essentially take that row that has quantities and add it to my invoice which from there I can then calculate a price.

What confuses me the most besides it all is that for example the 29M model number is available in black in sizes S, M, L, XL as shown in the image below, but then the color ASH is available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL … I need to populate my Add a product pop up with those inputs so I know that that particular color is available in say a XXL or not.

Below is the csv file from my supplier of all the items I can hopefully import one day. Do I just replicate my database after this?

I would think having two tables …

One for Product (so name, brand, id etc) which has a List of …

Variations (so size, colour, quantity etc).

Thank you @NigelG for taking the time to respond. I noted that database layout you mentioned and will def give it a whirl. My main question is how do I get the small and medium inputs to show up after I enter a model number? These sizes are unique to this model “PC54” so another model number could offer sizes small through XL. I know how to list out things in a RG but not sure how to setup the database to show that the model PC54 is only available in small and medium.

In your product page, you can Filter the Product’s Variations List where quantity > 0

So you may be duplicating “Small, Blue” across a number of small, blue, products that that means the Variations are unique for each product.