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Database Structure - is it just me or?…

Hi bubblers (love saying that), your daily noob here

So - here it is…I don’t think it’s bubble, I think it’s me.

I am working on a trip planning/management application. In each of these boxes information relative to the trip is stored. For example on day 1, we will have the activities that the user has planned for those days).

Easy, right? So here’s the problem…

The user should be able to transition between different trips that they may be planning and the information within the tiles should change relative to the trip that they have selected (are inside).


How have I set it up?

  • The user lands on this page and all the tiles are blank - ready to be filled in. (Some tiles are edited on the outside such as the calendar dates, when a user clicks on a day - a pop up group appears with the information)

What should happen?

  • After editing when the user is ready she can hit save using the button below.
  • When they hit save it is saved in a DB Type named “Trips”. In this one data type, all the data input by the user can and should be stored relative to the trip.

My challenge is getting the information that is saved correctly so that I can call it back out later when the user reopens a certain trip. As seen in the section on the left.

The user will also need to be able to edit this trip - so I made an update button for this.

This saving system is not repeat group friendly.

I cannot call the data correctly. This is the page loaded in preview, the RG displays blank information for each activity and also shows all the activities in the database, not just the trip the user is in.

Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 09.53.39

Here’s how I am calling it in the RG.

Here is a screenshot of the data base with some random testing data. (I haven’t modified it to show all the elements).


How do I get this to tie altogether neatly?

Ask me questions if anything is unclear!

How is the page searching for trips?

Hey Guys! :slightly_smiling_face: :wave:

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When a page is saved, a link is created where the trip data is then stored,

When this page is loaded (link opened) , the data belonging to that trip should be called and displayed in the tiles.

This is working for like the calendar functionality - everything else not so much :confused:

Have a look at your privacy rules on the datatype/s.

All data types in use set to publicly visible for the moment :frowning:

Looks like the something is not linking with the correct record in the database - but I can’t see how all your elements and database is set up.

But I’d say go through one by one and make sure it’s all connected

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Couldn’t find it - so I am going to create separate pages for each of the trip walls and store the data entered by the user in each page. So this way each element in each page will have it’s own DB type - to avoid the calling issues.

Quick question - I want each user to have this set up be blank (like I dont want to make a trip and then everyone on the platform can see it).

Is this a privacy settings issue or is there another way to make sure that it’s all happening on a user to user basis.

If I’m understanding you properly - are you thinking of making a separate page for each separate trip row in your database? If that’s what you mean…then don’t do that :slight_smile: That’s definitely not the way to go.

Bubble works in a way that you make ONE page or ONE element to show a thing (datatype) and then you use dynamic expressions to display the correct row (or list of rows if that’s what you want) of data at the appropriate time.

What I’d suggest is having a look at the Bubble lessons and if you need more help then doing the bootcamps or 1:1 coaching. This is really going to give you a solid foundation for how to use Bubble to its full capacity and get you much further along in your development journey :slight_smile:

In regards to not letting the wrong eyes view the wrong data - it’s usually through a combination of privacy settings and the dynamic expressions that are built in to the elements depending on how the element calls the data.

I think you may have misunderstood me :slight_smile: Let me try and explain better

Currently there is one page - it (should) acts as a template for all possible trips a user might create but also in this page the user should be able to load previous trips that they have created.

I am having issues with the DB structure on that.

Here is my new solution,

Rather than having one page that acts as a template for creating and displaying information for all these different trips.

I will have a separate page for each possible trip.

i,e “Empty Trip 1” which has it’s own page with a template and DB setup

  • “Empty Trip 2” which has it’s own page with a template and DB setup
    “Empty Trip 3” which has it’s own page with a template and DB setup

The user can then click into empty trip 2 for example and then begin editing - changing the name and content inside the template. Because this is on a separate page and has it’s own DB type and there is no conflict or issues when calling information or saving it

The test version I built of this is working.

This of course does take more time and I probably wont use it at scale - ( for example creating up “Empty Trip 50”).

Test pages work fine so far :thinking:

I am I overlooking an obvious challenge I will run into?

Yeah - that is not the way Bubble is made to work :slight_smile: Definitely messy and not scalable.

Get your database structure right and get the searches and conditionals right on your page and you should only need the one page :slight_smile:

Have you looked at the Bubble bootcamps or finding a coach? This is a good way to get some help on your specific issue, while teaching you some of the logic that you can carry forward and apply to anything later on :slight_smile:

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You should only need 1 page for any trip if you set up your data structure appropriately.

You can set a page to be type “trip”. I feel with an hour of coaching you’d be all caught up on this and building a lot more efficiently.

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@equibodyapp - do you have any coach recommendations please? :slight_smile:

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