Database trigger event on email confirmation front end not working

Hi there, I’m trying to make a simple function that shows popup when user email is confirmed when signed in but no luck.

I found this topic here but it seems the info on there is outdated and I can’t setup the data base trigger event like it used to(? I’m not sure maybe my setup is different than the this example) and “before change” and “now” condition is not available.

My setup is as follows

  • [signup page] >> when email is sent >> [email sent confirmation page]
  • database trigger event is on the [email sent confirmation page] on the (page load)

Through the test that I’ve done, I found that it will be triggered as I want to ONLY if I refresh the [email sent confirmation page].

Does anyone know how to make this function work??

Database triggers are backend workflows, whereas showing a pop up is obviously a front end action.

So it’s not easy, nor necessary, to use a database trigger for what you’re trying to do…

Although from what you’ve described, it sounds as though you’re not using a database trigger event anyway.

Without knowing exactly what you’re trying to do is hard to give specific advice, but to show a pop up on the page when the user’s email is confirmed you’ll want to use a conditional workflow on the page.

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There is “trigger a custom even when data changes” option available on the front end. Did you try it with yours?

You question (and the forum post you linked to) were about ‘Database Triggers’…

But (as I already mentioned in my last reply) you’re not using Database Triggers here… you’re trying to trigger an custom event when data changes… (which is a completely different thing)

Using that will not work for what you’re trying to do - as the custom event will be triggered as soon as the user signs up - so you’d be better off using a conditional workflow for this, as I said previously.

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Thanks for your quick reply, I wasn’t sure what you were saying but I just want to make the exact same function as the link which I pasted above.

Simple function is as follows,
when the user signed up his/her email, navigate to the email sent confirmation page. When the user confirm the email and open the link (which opens a new window) the email sent confirmation page(first window) will show the popup to let the user know the email is confirmed.

Oh I think I get it now. Thanks for the tips, your old reply to other post just helped me understand the differences, You’ve been saying “database” and “data” are two different things. Yes indeed, of-course. Thank you very much for being so patient with this dumb question.

The post you linked to above is using a database trigger workflow (which is a backend workflow)…

You’re trying to show a popup on the page - which is a front-end action.

So there’s no need (nor does it really make any sense) to use a database trigger event for this.

If you want to trigger an action on the front end, either use a Conditional Workflow Based on some database conditions), or triggered a custom event when data changes.

I would just use a simple workflow on page load with the condition Only when: Current User's Email confirmed is Yes AND current User's seen popup is No to show the popup - once they’ve seen it the first time, mark the Seen Popup field as Yes.

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Yes, I nailed it with “Do when condition is true.”

Thank you!

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