Database Trigger on Event Date

Anyone know what I need to do here?

I have a data type called EVENTS. When the date of an EVENT has passed… I want to make changes to some things on the event. I tried setting up a Database Trigger Event to run only when “This event’s date is < current date and time” but it won’t let me use current date and time on the conditional.


Is there a better way to acheive this? Or a smarter way to do it while not taxing capacity? (I need it to detect when the event date is now in the past… without taxing cpu/capacity.)

Tagging @adamhholmes because you were providing answers on some related threads. Are you in support btw? Your answers are extremely well worded… so grateful for that.

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I would just schedule a backend workflow to run on the event date/time (or at some point afterwards) to make whatever changes you need to make.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Is there a way to schedule it dynamically? (I could try to schedule it when it’s created… but what do I do if the event date gets changed/edited? How would I modify a previously scheduled backend workflow?)

More context:

Person A creates event.
Person B accepts event.
Person B gets paid 24 hours after event date (via scheduled backedn workflow)

*Caveat… Person A or B… changes event date before event takes place. How do I lookup the previously scheduled workflow to modify date? (Or can the backend workflow that is scheduled… dynamically change it’s own date of execution?)

If I use a Dynamic Date when scheduling the API workflow… will the date remain dynamic or does it become static?

I just saw your comment here… so might try this… Extend the scheduled date of a Scheduled API workflow - #2 by adamhholmes

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