Dataflow for deleting an image

I have two image fields but want only one field to have an image. So if the user uploads an image in one field, the image in the other field should get deleted. I am unable to figure this. Please see the attached dataflow. How do I do it?


If you have two fields then on the workflow to upload an image to field 1 set the value of field 2 to nothing and on the workflow to upload an image to field 2 set the value of field 1 to nothing. It is not necessary to actually use the ‘delete’ action when you are setting the value of a field to be empty. Deleting is for deleting an entire entry out of a database and not for clearing field values. In my example below the thing to change and fields are not important but it shows that field ‘two’ will be cleared of any value and will be empty.

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 9.32.42 AM

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Thanks a lot. It worked and saved me a lot of trouble.

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