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Date picker bug

Suddenly all my date pickers (set to be able to pick year and month) only allows the user to pick ten years ack och forward from current date. Hasn´t been like that before. For birth dates we need to go further back in history.

I haven´t set any minimum/maimum date.

I just ran into this same issue for a date of birth use case as well.

Technically, if you select the earliest visible year, make the dropdown go away, and then click on the dropdown again, you’ll see that 5 more earlier years appear. I thought this was just a browser thing, but looks like you can only view 10 years at a time around selected year.

@emmanuel Can we get a revision on this display?

Still having problem with this.


Seems to be the native behavior of the plugin or the browser. I would use the regular input with type of content as date as a workaround.