Date Picker change value on selected option (Is a filter)

Hello, I’m working on an Date Picker for a filter, what im trying to do is that I have two ways of picking the date, by range or by options. I need to know if there is a way to change the date picker value.
I was trying using the conditionals like this


but it only works if the DatePicker hasn’t been touched (Considering that it is changing the Initial Content and not the value directly), after one change so I want to know if there is a way.
So, the problem is that after picking a date manually, the selecting the value in the dropdown stops working, it doesn’t change the value of the DatePicker anymore.

For the dropdown there are options like: Today, This month, This year… this DatePicker will work as a filter picking the range of the dates the user wants to see, additionally if the user uses the dropdown to choose This month, that will change the date on both DatePicker. The solution that I am thinking is to reset the DatePicker, but I am willing to hear your opinions. I’ll let you know the final solution once found.

Thanks. Sorry for the messy question, if there if something that you didn’t understand, please do tell me.

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