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Date Input: Is it possible for users to be able to type AND use date picker?

Hi there,

I’m trying to make an input field where end users can type in a date if they want, but when they click on the input, a date picker (with a calendar) will also appear.

If they type in a date, the date picker/calendar should reflect the same date, and if they pick a date in the date picker/calendar, if should show that value in the input value after the date picker is closed.

Basically, I want the standard date picker to allow users to still type into the input field with a date.

Is this possible?


I tried setting a custom state for one of the inputs and setting the “initial content” to be equal to that custom state, for both the “text” version of the input and the dropdown/calendar version, but that doesn’t really work.

Unless I’m getting something wrong with custom states.

Anyone know of a plug in that lets you do this or another work around?

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