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Date Picker is 15-28min off in RG but not in DB

Strange thing is happening when I create events (i.e games) with a date/time picker. Everything works fine unless the time of the game is within 30min of the current date/time. The example below shows the first item of the repeating group subtracting 15min from the actual time (i.e. 10:30am), even though the time shows correctly in the database (correct time is 10:30am).

If I create an item in the repeating group with 11:00am…and the current date/time comes within 30min…the time changes to 10:58am…very strange.

Here is my setup of the date/time picker:

Any ideas on what is happening here?

What’s the rationale for the + 43200 seconds (12 hours)?

That could be throwing things off. Given that, I may recommend double checking the timestamps being recorded in the database for AM / PM. But easier to tell with an editor link.

Just figured it out - I am using the same Group to both Add and Edit the time (depending on whether or not the custom state “edit?” is yes or no). Since the default value is set to “Parent Groups time”……if I am adding a time (i.e. edit? = “no”), the default value is blank and thus takes the current date and time.

It’s funny because the minimum hour is set to “current date/time” and gives the appearance that there is a time value entered into the Date/Time Picker. Every time the user wants to set the time to 20min from the current time, it appears like its already pre-filled….but it’s not.

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