Issues with Time Picker in Date/Time Input Field

I have an input field for Date/Time, but I’m facing challenges in getting the correct time value in my database.

It seems like the database is reading the exact time I submit the form based on the date field and not the specific time I actually choose in the Time Picker. Has anyone experienced the same issue, and does anyone have any tips?

It’s not clear what you mean…

Have you got a specific example of the problem you’re facing?

Or some screenshots/details about what you’re actually doing, and how it’s not working as expected?

When a user pick e.g todays date and the time 17:00 I don´t get the time 17:00 in my database but the current date/time the user submit the form.
This is how it looks like in my database when I extract the time. It’s showing me the current time I pushed the submit button and not the chosen time that was 13:30 in this case.

Skjermbilde 2023-12-09 kl. 13.49.03

This is my input WF:

You chose Jan 1 1970?

No. I chose Dec, 9.2023

The why is 1st Jan 1970 shown in your screenshot?

It’s a bit hard to understand what you’re asking with such little info to go off, without knowing what you’re actually doing.

Have no idea!

I´m using the time picker and chose e.g date: 08.11.2023 and time: 13:30

The record I get in my database is always date: Jan,1, 1970 and the time is the time I submit the form and not the date or the time chosen in the dropdown.

Well you’re obviously doing something wrong… but again, without knowing anything about what you’re actually doing it’s impossible to say what.

If you want some help you’ll need to share exactly what you’re doing.

(i.e. your database structure, workflows, on-page elements etc.)

I tried on another page and database now. And get another scenario. I will try to explain:

I have a datefield in my database (SQL): When insert the date from the date field it shows me the chosen date but not the chosen time. It shows my the actual time I hit the “save” button.

This is what I chose:

This what I get in my database:
Skjermbilde 2023-12-09 kl. 14.17.46

I get the time for the registration and not the chosen time in the time picker.

This is my WF:

What type of field is your ‘Date’ field in your SQL database?

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