Date Range Expression

Hi Folks,

I’ve searched in the forum but it seems not getting me answers.

I have a Repeating Group where I want to filter-in data that is within a date range.

The data type has a field with dates pre-set.

Please take a look at my screenshot, I used the expression: Arbitrary date/teme <-range-> Arbitary data/time , and I put starting date and ending date . It didn’t work. Bubble keeps red-flagging it .

I don’t know what to change and the error panel didn’t give me reasons either.



Hi there, @WildlyOptimistic… you should be able to get the desired result by using two constraints, one where the Game Date is greater than or equal to a particular date and one where the Game Date is less than a particular date.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Mike !

It solved my problem.

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