Date Range picker only filters dates with 00:00

Hi, I’m trying to filter a RG by dates using a date range picker. I assume that is not a problem from the plugins because I’ve used 4 different plugins but apparently this only works for dates that have time set as 00:00.
Is there a way to filter dates with any time, not only the ones with 00:00?

I will assume that your exp_arrival_date has a time attached to it.

Since you are already using the :filtered operator there is an option to add the “advanced” constraint. In it you can do a ‘exp_arrival_date:rounded down to date’ is in range picker list of dates.

The :rounded down to ‘date’ operator will round down the hours and minutes to 00:00 which you can match with the list.

That makes so much sense! I’ll try this, thank you!

I tried to do it but it doesn’t show the “is in” option :frowning: any clues on what could be happening?

Try it the other way around range picker list contains exp_arrival_date:rounded down to date

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