Date time input field instead of Time Picker

Hi Al,
is there a way to write the date time instead of using date time picker?


Hi there, @alexandermooreint… what do you mean by write the date time? You can always write the current date/time or write an arbitrary date/time, but without having some idea of what you are actually trying to do, it’s difficult to answer your question.


Maybe just use a regular input, with a content type of Date, if that’s what you’re asking?..

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Simple. I want eg to write a date (e.g. February, 23 2024) without using the date time picker element.

Write a date where? Like Adam said, maybe you just need an input element that accepts a date, but it’s still not clear what you are trying to do.

Great. I ll check an input element with date.

Actually, it probably was pretty clear that you wanted an input element that accepts a date now that I look at the title of your post again (I usually only glance at the title and go right into the write-up). I got caught up in the “write the date time” description, and I didn’t know what you meant by “write.” My bad.

I meant ‘user manually enters’ (user is typing the date)

I am bumping the subject - I am looking for a tool that gives user a way to type in date fast, but doesn’t require custom workflows on every page to do all the things. I would like to be able to write: 2401202415:48 and get the data to the system - 24-01-2024 15:48 (so EU date and EU time). And it should be able to autobind. Anybody has such a solution? As building input’s is really not the thing I am looking for, due to limitation of constrains etc (like picking 31st day on months that shouldn’t allow it and many others).