Date & Time input

Is there a way to input a time by typing? The date picker is tedious if I want to choose a date many months in the future, or if I don’t want to scroll through the whole dropdown list of times. It would be easier to just type 2:15pm, for example, but I can’t find any posts on how to do that. I would need this input to auto-bind, as well. Thanks!

I suppose you can use a regular input field with type (date) to enter a date by typing, don’t think that works for times though. Have you checked the Air Date/Time Picker plugin? it’s pretty easy to move between months and time is just a slider. Auto-binding is also available. (23)

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Thanks, I’ll check out the plug in. The slider might make the time entry easy enough. I am using a regular input for the date field right now, and that works perfectly. Feels like there should be a simple way to do the same thing for time, so I thought I was missing something obvious.

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