Date timer picker

How can I bring more than 50 items in a Date/Timer picker? It´s the birthday day and people who´s born before 1961 can´t find the year in the list. It is difficult for elderly people. Is there a way to force Bubble to read and bring 100 items, for example?


Is this from the ‘minimum date’ settings in the element inspector?

No, the minimum date is 01/01/1900 , far away from 1961.

You will notice that if you select the minimum date avaliable, the component will display more dates before this minimun date… It is like the component keep loading earlie dates as long as you keep selecting theese minimun dates… This seems to be an issue, once you established the minimum date to be at 1900.

What you can do is to create three different dropdowns (day, month and year) and your users will have to use those components to inform their birthdays…

Or, what I think is simpler… Let them wrhite their birthdays in a input field formated to Date…
I assume it is even quicker…

Thanks to the answer. I´ll have to accept this simpler option. But it´s a simple thing that bubble could change. Thanks a lot.

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