How to apply multiple filter for repeating group?

I have two filter options. One is date wise filter(today, this week, this month, custom date range) and other is clicking on a text display the content related to the text in repeating group.

My requirement: When user select an option from the date wise filter and then select the text, based on both filters content should display in repeating group. Is that possible?

for eg: When a user select an option “This week” from date wise filter(Note: At this time result should not be displayed. result should display only after selecting the text from the next filter.) Then select a text “Technology news”. So the result displayed in repeating group should be Technology related news of this week.

How can i implement this logic in bubble? Please help me.

This might help (or at least get you started):

You need to use the constraint on your repeating group.

Add the date filter on the “created date” and text filter on the value you want to filter against.

add the conditional on the repeating group, and hide it when text filter is empty.

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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