Default drop down tick

Hi everyone, any ideas how to remove this default tick from the drop down?

Thanks a lot!

It’s a browser feature. The tick shows the currently selected dropdown. How come you need to remove it? I don’t think there’s a way. You can always create a custom dropdown using group / repeating group / groupfocus.

What confuses me currently is that I am receiving that value upon loading, before selecting any field from the dropdown. When I click on the dropdown, the first option appears to be already selected.

I guess, the solution might be only custom dropdown.

Thank you!

Try setting the drop-down so it’s NOT mandatory by unchecking " this input should not be empty"

If you need the input to be mandatory, you can set a conditional on the button that submits the input.

Thanks for advice!

i guess that is the best what bubble’s dropdown can do :grinning:

That’s not Bubble’s drop-down, it’s Safari’s drop-down.

@georgecollier is right, technically it’s not bubbles drop-down. If you want a more custom look, then you’ll have to build your own drop-down with a RG and Group focus.

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