Default value in multi dropdown plugin

Hi all,

I have an issue getting a default value from the dropdown list. I went through the various threads on the subject but somehow cannot fix it (still fairly new to bubble).

This is the context:
I am using the same pop-up for creating new things as well as editing existing things (in this case the pop-up is populated from a repeating group).

I want the user to be able to choose from a dropdown list and/or be able to type in. Since I gonna have multiple pop-ups similar to this one, I though using the multi dropdown native plug in will be a good idea.

All multi DD inputs are required (I would love this “not empty” feature to be added to the plugin by the way). As a workaround I want to populate the multi DD with a default value (fetched from the parent RG if I am editing an existing entry or left blank if this is a new entry). This allows in turn to make the “save” button clickable or not through workflow.

I can retrieve successfully stored data for the status field (see below pic)

However I cannot do the same for the customer multi DD.

#1 I tried calling the parent group but I do not have the option to “convert into list” so end up with a type error.

#2 I also tried calling the “Contacts” datatype and adding a constraint. It does not load any value

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

This smells like privacy rules. Could you check the inspector on that Customer element to see if it says something about privacy rules?

On the screenshot above it seems that you went one-too-far. It should be Parent group’s Contacts. Because the Multi Dropdown type is Contacts.

Another thing to double-check: in your Sales Order data type, the field Contacts - make sure that it is a list.

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Hey @rico.trevisan ,

Thanks for the support. You definitely helped me getting on the right track!

So for completeness, my pop-up was fed from a “Sales” data type, but the customer input is fed from the “contact” data type.
So when loading an existing record, I am now applying a constraint in the default value box.

Works a treat! Pfewwww

Thanks again!

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