Get data from another page and use in multi dropdown

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been at this for hours and can’t seem to get it right.

I’m creating a ‘Help Desk Center’ for my staff to use. The information is created on page 1, and if needs to be modified, I have it linked, going to page 2. All other data is successfully transferred over, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to use a multi dropdown menu and set it’s default.

The Status’s are a list of items in a thing, which relate to the main table called ‘helpdesktickets’.

The only part where I get stuck is the default. In theory, it should be just 'Parent group’s helpdeskticket’s Status’s Status. However, I cannot figure out the rest of the condition.

If anyone has any advice, it would be appreciated :slight_smile:

@lantzgould Does it work if you do “Parent group’s healpdeskticket’s Status”? Right now it looks like Bubble is expecting a “Status” thing for the default value (since the dropdown’s type is Status), but “Parent group’s helpdeskticket’s Status’s Status” looks like a text field?

@fayewatson Hmm… I tried that. The ‘Status’ field is saved as a text field in the Status table. But, ‘Parent group’s helpdeskticket’s Status’ didn’t work. It’s still looking for additional criteria.

Ohh! Hmm, can you share a link to the app editor? (Can PM me this if you prefer!)

I’m almost sure the reason Bubble isn’t accepting the value is because it’s a single “Status” thing, instead of a list of “Status” things (since you’re using the multidropdown and not a standard dropdown). The expression, “parent group helpdeskticket’s status:converted to list” should work, but let me know if not! :slight_smile:

@fayewatson I owe you three beers my friend. I had been at this for hours! Thank you!!!

To end on that note, do you know if 'enable auto binding would work in this instance? I noticed when trying, even after privacy rules set in place, that it asks to create a new field. :thinking:

@lantzgould Aww! It’s absolutely my pleasure! :relaxed: So glad that error went away!

Right, this is a little tricky. Even though the Help Desk Ticket’s “Status” field is a single thing (not a list of things) – the multidropdown will only allow you to autobind onto a list of things. That dropdown isn’t allowing you to select a field because there are no “List of Statuses” fields on the Help Desk ticket data type.

In order to keep the multidropdown and enable autobinding, you’d have to convert the “Status” field into a list of “Statuses” field, though you could set workflows to ensure there is still only a single “Status” value in that field. Alternatively, you could use a standard dropdown element or a searchbox element, to allow the User to change the Status field value and autobind it to the ticket, just so you wouldn’t have to make significant changes to the data structure/workflows.

@fayewatson fantastic! Although unfortunate, because I really like the UX/UI of the multi dropdown. Will refer to your suggestion and go the standard drop down or search method.

Thank you again for all your help!

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@lantzgould Sounds great! :slight_smile: No problem at all!

Also I forgot to mention – if you don’t have to use autobinding, you could always keep the multidropdown element and have a “Do When an Input’s value is changed (Input: Multidropdown element)” workflow which Makes Changes to the Help Desk Ticket’s “Status” field to equal the Multidropdown’s value:first item. That would work in the same way!

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