Or conditions doesn't seem to be working

Since the update I have tried setting up several “Or” conditions and anything after the Or doesn’t seem to be read. Currently I work around this by creating multiple conditions but thought I should let someone know.

It is also very likely I am doing something wrong but for example

I want an element visible so I put When a user exists Or a dropdown = value

Now it works only if the user exists and if the user doesn’t exist but the dropdown = value it doesn’t work. So I just make a new condition with the same effect, Element Visible and put dropdown=value, now it works like it should but I have to have that condition on their twice when Or should work.

@rayboyett my Or conditions are working perfectly. First I suggest that you debug by putting multiple simple Text elements on-screen each of which is set to visible based on one of your conditions. That will check to determine if the conditions are as you expect they are. It is important to check them individually because that is usually the problem.

Having done that, if you are still stuck, post a screen grab of the conditions in the element inspector so we can see the syntax and content to better understand. It may be necessary to allow someone into your editor to take a look.

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