Define list type

I am new to bubble to please excuse myself if this is something straight forward.

I have installed the image slider plugin and it asks me to define a list of type “image” I am not sure how to do this. I have created a data type called image and added an img field with uploaded images but images do not display.Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 11.55.01

Hello @ash347

  • Create a data type in the database
  • Name it as you wish
  • Add a field type image to it
  • Name that field as you wish
  • Below I created a data type called photo with a field called pic of type image
  • In the plugin below you can see the expression “search for photos pic”. And when you hover the cursor on top a part of the expression … Bubble tells you what it evaluates to … and if things are ok then the expression will turn blue indicating that it is ok.


Hope this helps :+1: