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DataSource for image carousel

Ok, so I’m sure this is a silly question, and I have no idea why this is causing me so much trouble… How on earth do I select a Picture List field as the source for an image carousel? When I select the Picture List field in the Data Source, it keeps giving me more and more options. Also, no matter what I select as the data source, the “Pictures” field doesn’t show up int he “Image Field” dropdown…

Have you set up a “Picture list”? Because I’m not sure that’s possible from memory …

Yep, it’s possible to have a List of Images as a field type in the database.

I created a page on the forum app:

It’s because it has to be a list. If you say parent group event, it’s a single event. If you say, for instance, do a search for events, then it’s a list.

Yeh, what emmanuel said. Or you can look at the public app example I made here:

Thanks Emmanuel and kfhwdd.

I have the images stored in an image list field in the Parent Event, so that must be incompatible with the carousel. I’ll go ahead and just create a new Images table and sort through it that way.


As per this thread…

The Carousel likes a list of things, with images, rather than a list of files.

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