Delay/echo problem with Howler.js in Chrome

Playback seems fine in Safari, but in Chrome the first second seems fine, and then it starts hiccuping and echoing.

I guess no one else is having this problem?

Solved: I just moved the Howler element out of the group into some free space on the page.

Thank-you for sharing this solution Nathan. Have you had any issues with Howlers playing simultaneously?

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Initially, yes, but now it’s fixed and I can’t remember how. My biggest problem is the popping. I’m assuming it is caused by pausing/stopping playback when it not at a zero crossing, but I have tried implementing a fade out and pause before stop and that didn’t help.

That makes sense, thank-you for responding. I really appreciate it. Yesterday I ended up trying the audio plugin from zeroqode and don’t have the same problem. Thanks Nathan!

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Are you having this problem on iOS, with auto-play on page load?

You can’t do auto-play on page load on iOS, without having your user first tap anything/anywhere after page load. See:

@nathanlively I’m having a huge echo audio problem in Chrome when streaming a radio source,

Could you please tell me more explicitly how you solved your problem?