Delay in Displaying Data from Nested Repeating Group Upon Interaction

Hello Bubble Community,

I’m encountering a performance issue with my app that I hope to get some assistance with. Here’s a brief overview of my setup and the challenge I’m facing:


  • I have a page with a repeating group called “RepeatingGroup Topic” that lists various topics.
  • Within each cell of this repeating group, there is a group named “Group Topic Parent.”
  • Inside “Group Topic Parent,” there’s a “Show More” button that, when clicked, reveals a nested toggleable group intended to display session names associated with the selected topic.

The Challenge:

  • When “Show More” is clicked, the toggleable group (let’s call it “RG Sessions”) becomes visible instantly, but there’s a noticeable delay before the session names fetched from the database appear within it.
  • The desired behavior is for the session names to display immediately with no perceptible delay when “Show More” is clicked.

Thank you in advance!

Put an always visible, really small 1px group (or repeating group if its a list) doing the data search. Then for the group that you are showing with the button click, make that data source this new group’s Thing(s)

Bubble is trying to be conservative and not fetch the data until the element is shown, so you are forcing it by asking for the data right away then showing the group when needed. Some additional WU cost involved here since you are always preloading the data even if the User won’t “Show more” , may not be a big deal.

thanks …it worked perfectly

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