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Group ordering Issue

I have created multiple group pages, and for some reason some of the group pages I created have now become child to a parent group. I didn’t intend for that to happen and would like to correct this. Not sure when or how it happened. Please help me un-do this.

See attached.

Select the groups and drag them outside of that parent group. you may have to adjust the placement again, but when you do, just have that parent group’s visibility off so that the other groups don’t go back in there. You’ll be able to see the parent group boundaries turn red when you click and drag the groups inside around … Move outside the boundaries until your are seeing page boundaries.

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Thank you really appreciate it, that worked!

There is another issue that I’m facing as well that I can’t figure out. I have a “ghost” input box that I can only see when I test the app, but can’t find it to delete it when I’m in development mode. Anyway to revel inputs, etc. to delete this?

Really appreciate your help!

Another way is to select all the elements at once (not so easily done sometimes!) and choose Arrange > Ungroup. This brings them to siblings of their previously parent group.

Next to the menu at the top for selecting pages, there is an element selector. If you hover over its choices, it shows you a preview of the element.

Another way is the element tree in your screenshot, hover over the elements until you see the input in the preview, then expand the tree and hover over each child element until it shows again, keep repeating until you find it :slight_smile:

And a 3rd way (!) is to use the debugger. Preview your page with the debugger on, click on Inspect (right side) and select the input you’re seeing to get more info about it, mainly its element name.

Then find it by name in the elements search @mishav mentioned and use the tree to make visible and possibly the edit menu to bring to front and finally deal with!

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