Prompt for delete data base. Restore via a undo-like option


It’s not quite a bug, but it’s a bad feature by missing it.
I was working inside my app and while it loaded VERY SLOW, thanks obama and amazon, I mis clicked on delete. Now I had a few others deleted since I am working on a template (deleted from them), modified by me etc. and I don’t know which I deleted.
It would be nice to have a prompt asking: are you sure you want to delete this data base?
Now if I want to restore (on paid plan) I will lose everything I’ve worked so far on the app :frowning:

I’m not sure if this helps but I have no problem restoring a ‘Thing’ using the ‘restore’ feature. It restores all of the fields and data. To view all of the deleted types you need to click on ‘show deleted types’ on the ‘Data Types’ tab.

You should see all of the deleted types listed at the bottom of the ‘Custom data types’ list.

it doesn’t help when someone claims to make a template, pay for it and then doesn’t provide support.
They offer a template with already deleted databases in it…so I didn’t know which one I pressed delete on… NO way to sort them out, like by date.

Definitely, could use ‘Date Deleted’ field even if they provide an ‘Are you sure’ prompt.

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