Warning prompt for delete data type

Actually a bit surprised this isn’t a thing already, but on the Data > Data Type tab, clicking any of the trash cans (even if by accident) removes them, all the work you’ve done and all of the data stored inside of them.

This action should be a warning pop-up for sure.

Perhaps even critical enough to merit a three stage warning:
Click > Are you sure? > Type the name or type “Delete” into the box.

Thoughts, @emmanuel ?

edit: After some more digging there is a way to restore them with the “show deleted types”, so perhaps a non-issue after all but for the purpose of any discussion value, I’ll leave it here for now.

My cat jumped up on my keyboard and deleted one of my Data fields for my contacts & now I have 17+ errors! is there a way to find what he deleted? I dont see any trash can or a way to bring the info back. It’s crazy that there is not a pop up asking if you wanted to delete the info!

Right above the ‘data thing’ name there’s an option to show deleted items


As an aside, it sounds like your cat is really good with Bubble.