Delete image from list of images

I have a data structure as:

Finish & Fabric Application
→ Finish Application image
—> List of images

I have a RG with a list of Finish & Fabric Application(s) and in each of these cells I have another RG with a list of Finish Application image(s)

I’m trying to delete one image from the list of images. I’ve tried a few different ways but can’t seem to get it to work.

  1. Make changes to a list of things but if I click on delete in the Image RG cell I can’t pass the Data source I need to pass (the Finish & Fabric Application) to edit the list of images in it’s Finish Application image data field.

I can’t pass the Finish & Fabric Application since it’s outside of the Finish Application image RG.

  1. I found this thread but couldn’t see the exact set of actions to take. I set up step a) Deleting the file but I’m not sure how to do step b) modify the object due to the issue outlined in #1 above.

delete file URL:

Can’t pass Finish&Fabric Application data source to modify list of images: