Delete images in repeating group using checkboxes

Trying to delete image files in repeating group using checkboxes. Instead of checkboxes though, I’m using groups as checkboxes, and set a custom state list on the repeating group for all images that have the checkbox ‘checked’. Then a “delete images button” that shows a popup with a “confirm delete images” button that deletes all images that have been ‘checked’ in the repeating group.

(1) How do i use the delete an uploaded file action to remove the file from the file manager where it is stored?
(2) Then how do I add additional actions to remove the file’s URL from the database as well?
(3) Since I want to delete multiple files, how do I use a recursive backend workflow to delete them one at a time. How can I pass the file URLs from the custom state list into a schedule API workflow on a list action that will delete the files?

Ultimate goal is to delete selected images from the database for the data types field AND delete from file manager, and as a result, doesn’t show anymore in repeating group they display in.