Deleting a file from a list


I want to use an icon to delete a file in a list of files. The files are shown in a repeating group. Ill post some screen to make it clear.

The repeating group. Below that group the uploader with the upload button. The button has a simple workflow that adds an item to the list of files.

The repeating group is build up in the following way:
Repeating group: Type of content: file
Data source: Parent groups’s … etc
The group type of conent: file
data source: current cell’s file
Text: Parent group’s file

When the icon is clicked i have the workflow set as in the screenshot below. When i click it. the file doens’t get removed. I look for an option: Delete current, but the option is not shown.

I hope anybody here can shed some light on what i did wrong.

Thanks alot for the read and the help!! :slight_smile: