Delete last row of airtable table

Hello family,

I added a delete button in my repeating group. I want that when user click on that button all the elements in last row be deleted .

I tried on the workflow but I’m not able to select the right features for that purpose.

You can see screen below :

If you have set the delete button inside RG, you are calling the current cell thing to be deleted.
So in your example, you should probably select Current cell’s data file

If you wan’t to delete the last row, you should put your button outside of the RG and use RG’s list of items’s last item Data file in the record parameter to delete it

The problem is that i want in every upload of the user, he’ll be able to delete that upload.
Using a button outside won’t give the user the ability to delete a specific upload.

So keep it inside the RG and just select the Current cell Data file

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