Deleted fields still used = issue?

Is there a reason why deleted fields still used in element don’t result in an Issue in the editor ?

We don’t count them as issues as we don’t actually delete the data (you can restore the fields). that’s why.

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As deleted fields don’t appear in the App Search Tool > Use field, it’s not easy to clean the app.

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@emmanuel, @nicolas_dap is right, I’m in the same situation now.
I expected to get a lot of issues while restructuring the data architecture, instead everything is fine.

This is an important problem because: there’s no way to find programmatically every single usage of the deleted field, and it can be tricky to find them by testing alone.


Before erasing a field, I place a ‘z_’ in front of the field I want to erase. Then, I make a search for that field in the App Search Tool. Identify and replace everything I need. Then I delete the field and optimize the code. Longer process, but working for now :slight_smile:


@JohnMark, I use to do exactly the same “z_” :slight_smile:

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It would be much better if issues showed up as sometimes you don’t know.

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