Find "deleted" fields in data sources

How can I find where a deleted field might be being used in Search data sources and conditionals across my app?

They don’t create errors that I can easily find and fix, so I have no way of knowing when a data source might be broken. I just happen upon them when working on an element:

Is there any way to search for this?

(Yes, I know (now) that I should search for where that field is being used before I delete it - didn’t know that was a thing when I started restructuring my data, and now I’ve got this mess to clean up, ugggghhh.)

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You can restore the deleted field and then do the search…I also believe if you use the ‘optimize app’ feature to fully remove the deleted field, the expressions would then show in the issue checker (not 100% sure on that).

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Genius. Thanks @boston85719!

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