(deleted thing) in database from non logged in users

So I have a section of my website (called quiz) which is prior to the log in/signup page. The quiz has 6 pages and each page reached, saves to a data type called quitters which allows me to determine where people fall off. When they make it all the way through the quiz, it saves their email to the quitters data type as seen in the screenshot below.

My question is what causes the difference between a “(deleted thing)” and a blank user? When I run a test and quit from the quiz half way through, I get the expected blank value as seen in the first row above. But what is confusing me is what is causing some values to be labeled as a “(deleted thing)”. I know that occurs when a user is a deleted but I know I haven’t deleted any users in at least a month and this shows many “(deleted thing)” within the last few weeks.

Is the only way to get “(deleted thing)” is to delete a user (implying that I am somehow deleting users without realizing it?) or is there some quirk in the way that non logged in users are tracked in bubble that could create this behaviour?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @paul29,

Bubble deletes non-logged in users after 3 days: Authenticating Users - Bubble Docs

If you want to store the user data, you either have to create a user account for them(just for storage purposes). However, you could simple just leave the user field blank if user is not logged in, so that it would not look like there are many ‘deleted things’.

Jordan Loh
Bubble Coach

Ok that makes sense. Thanks for that. Much appreciated.