Deleting a Thing's file within a repeating group

Hello community.

I need your help!

I have a real estate platform consisting of multiple real estates (thing: Estate). Some real estates have multiple files uploaded to them. When the owner of the real estate make changes to his real estate entry, a list of the estate’s uploaded files are shown in a repeating group. (Data source: Parent Group’s Estate’s Files).

Within each cell of this repeating group is the file name, and a delete button in case the owner wants to delete an uploaded file. The intent is to remove the file from the Estate’s files, and to remove it completely from file manager. However, I can’t seem to make the workflow work. It is set up as follows:

However, when I click the delete file, it is deleted from file manager, but is still included in the Estate’s List of Files. For some reason, I cannot add a “Make changes to Estate” in the same workflow, since the Data type of the button is “file” and not “estate”. How can I solve this?

Attaching a screenshot of how it looks in preview.


The ‘delete an uploaded file’ action just deletes the file from your File manager, however it does not make changes to your database.

You don’t always have to reference the parent group’s thing, you can reference another group that has as datasource the Estate. If you don’t have such a group, you can make one; make an empty group and set its data to the Estate.


Ah that worked magically. Thanks a lot nico.