How to make confirmation dialogue?

Hi, so I created a repeating group with my app then added a delete icon inside each cell where clicking it deletes the current cell. My problem is I want to add a confirmation dialogue so the user can’t just click it and deletes the data. This is to avoid accidentally deleting anything.

My problem is how to make it that clicking YES in the popup would delete the current cell in the repeating group.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Set the group type to equal the same type as the repeating group. On the button click workflow that shows the popup, add an element action “group : display data” , select the popup for the group element, then current cell’s item for the data to display.

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The way I implemented it on my app was to use a group that sits above the delete icon on the repeating group, when you click delete, it sends the thing to the delete confirmation group, and the confirm action can then have access to this thing to delete it.

One thing to do is make sure you hide the confirmation dialog and re-show the delete button before the delete thing action, otherwise it screws up the display.

You can see this below;


@DaveA elegant way to do it. Very nice.

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Oh, and the reason I put the confirm tick to the left was to make sure it was a conscious decision by the user to click the tick, rather than an accidental double tab. If the accidental double tab happens and the red X is clicked, then the dialog is simply cancelled with no harm done.


Nice… I implemented something similar. It works well (delete or cancel). But I need to start with the group containing the confirmation HIDDEN. How did you accomplish that? I can’t find a “WHEN-Conditional” that would allow me to hide the confirmation group when the application is launched or when the repeating group is shown for the first time.

Many thanks in advance.

Just make sure the ‘visible on page load’ is unchecked on the group properties tab.

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So simple! Thanks for the quick response.

Great Solution Gaby!

Really smooth, I´m stealing this from you haha.

you are amazing thank you :slight_smile:

Great Job!!!, i make the same thing i love it!!!.

Is this a group inside the repeating group or you created a reusable element with the confirmation. I`m using the same methodology, but struggling to make it reusable to delete any item in any “table” of my database as well as to delete files when is the case.


Hi Gaby. It isn´t working. When I click in my button delete, it shows a pop up or a group containing the question "Confirm delete? " and two buttons. If you click cancel, it closes the windows, simple as that. But if you confirm deletion, in the button’s workflow it does not accept to change a thing of the type I’m trying to delete. Could you show me an example ? Thanks in advance.

Here is what I did following Gaby’s instructions:

  1. Make sure that your popup has the same “type of content” as what you want to delete. In my case, it was a type “comment”

  2. When you click the button delete, I set up 2 actions.
    1- Element Actions → Display Data to the confirmation popup (this basically sends the data to your popup)
    2- Show the popup

  3. Once the data is sent to your popup, you can simply choose to delete the Parent Group’s Thing

Hope this helps !


Another less elegant but simpler option is to use a form checkbox next to your icon. The delete icon starts not clickable and the check box when checked enables the delete icon to be clickable. This could be extended to create a select all / multi select type feature.


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Thank you! This is the easiest variant. Appreaciate your time to make all the screenshots, etc. This is an excellent solution.

Love this! Thanks.