Deleting a list of data

I need help, so i have made an app that is similar to a store, the company who owns it will have a company info tab in the management panel, if they were to change a logo of there company, it would need to make changes to the data, or delete the data, but neither of those things work, i need to change a logo of a company, so when the dynamic images search for “companyinfos logo” it will remove the current one and set the new one, can anyone help??? BTW i use dual monitors so thesse screenshots look weird! ?

Hi Loganfgross,

I understand that you are trying to either delete or change the logo (image) of a company you selected. Is this correct?

Note that images are not things or lists of things, but fields. In your last screenshot, where the data setup is shown, you can see image is just a field. When you create the company you are also making the image = to the picture uploaders value. Therefore deleting a thing/list of things will not work here.

Therefore to empty it:
Use the workflow
Make changes to thing (type:company) image = and leave this space free.

And to use a new logo
Make changes to thing (company) image = pictureuploader A’s value

If logos are particularly important for your site, you could also create a new data type “Logo”. This will allow you to easily add, edit and delete multiple logos for each company. Pm me if you want more info on this.

happy bubbling,

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