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Delete thing current user

I have a list of products and I need to delete the product from the current cell, but it does not have this option in “delete a thing” or “make change a thing”

Forgive me a bit if I get this wrong from your images, but my foreign language skills are not great.

Make sure the group housing your delete icon is the same type as the parent group and that the source is the parent group. Then it should show up fine.

This is the group that the exclusion icon is

Coloca um botao y faz um workflow com a accion “delete a thing” e escolhe “current cell produto”

there is one more repetition group with the following data

this option does not appear

It seems you are dealing with a template that has a specific UI, logic and dB model.

On a blank app try setting up your own dB model, UI and logic (flows, conditions and other aspects of this visual language).

Consider building a small app to become more familiar with SCRUD concepts (create, read, update, delete, search). Bubble has a great series of YouTube videos that walk you through a sample app build.


This is a very good recommendation and the main reason I always tell new Bubblers not to use templates. Templates are often from the pros. Their tricks don’t always make sense to beginners.

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I didn’t use a model, I did it from scratch lol

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Well then you have good tastes in design! Once you get this issue resolved, you will be ahead of the game.