Removing item from a list embedded in a repeating group

I’m creating a list of tasks and each task can be assigned to multiple users so, within my task data type is a field called “Assigned to” and the field type is Users and it accepts multiple entries.

On my page, I’ve made a repeating group with Type of Content set to task, that lists all the tasks, and then within each cell of that repeating group is another repeating group with Type of Content set to Users, that lists all the assignees. I’ve added a search box that lets you search all Users and add them to the list of assignees (which works) and then I made the assignees names appear as small tags with an X on the end which I intended could be clicked to remove an assignee …

… but I can’t work out how to remove them without deleting the User! In Workflows, whether I choose Change Thing or Change List of Things or Delete Thing, all the options that come up only go back as far as the list of Users (eg. Parent group’s User) and deleting actually removes the User from the database completely, not just from the list of assignees on this particular task.

I can’t find any way of going back one level further to the current task (eg. Parent group’s parent group’s Task - or Grandparent’s Task, if you will!) so that I can delete from the list rather than deleting the actual User. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have searched on here and read a number of similar posts, but none of them quite answer the specific issue I’m having.

Could you add some screenshots of your current approach?

Hi ! @philiposborne

Did you looked on this manual doc

@atomicfusion @vence.naga Sorry, it was late last night when I posted my question, so I went straight to bed after posting!

Here’s how the task repeating group looks on the page, and the tags with names are another repeating group embedded in the first one. I’ve investigated all the list editing options but they all rely on targeting a “thing” and the “thing” I want to target is the current task, but the only options available in workflow target the current user.

I can’t see how to target the specific task I want to edit from within the User repeating group that holds the name tags.


Did you put a group first inside the repeating group? if you did get the data source of that group.

Workflow side - here you can now remove the user on the Task’s table


Hi, sorry for the late response, I had to work on a different project for a while so I’m only just coming back to this one. That solved it, thank you. I was confused about what could/couldn’t be targeted in a Repeating Group.